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Disaster Management

Von Bergh Global Medical Consulting is specialized in consulting government institutions and healthcare providers to be prepared for different kinds of disasters.
Natural disaster which are brought about by nature like typhoons or hurricanes, floods and tidal waves, earthquakes, drought or volcanic disasters are differentiated from man-made disasters like fires, armed conflicts, nuclear waste/radiation or toxic waste contamination.
Disaster Management Consulting considers three levels of disaster prevention:
Primary disaster prevention: Innovative concept can prevent the happening of a disaster and the appearance of mass casualties. Modifications of the landscape can prevent floods and forest fires, safety procedures can reduce the risk of industrial or atomic disasters, improved security at airports and train stations can reduce the risk of terror attacks. The right procedures put in place can be the most sufficient way of prevention.
Secondary disaster prevention: The early detection of a disaster before multiple victims are affected could be early warning systems for tsunamis or volcanic eruptions, smoke detectors in buildings, or evacuation procedures for the population of a possible disaster area.  
Tertiary disaster prevention: After a disaster took place and mass casualties are affected the availability of rescue workers and relief units can reduce the mortality of the victims affected. Concepts for the efficient use of manpower and material play a key role in the overall outcome of a disaster.
Von Bergh Global Medical Consulting can offer innovative concepts for the improvement of all three levels of disaster prevention, assist in the acquisition of disaster relieve material and the education of personal, constantly reviews the latest technology and researches new solutions for disaster prevention to test them afterwards during disaster drills.